What happened to the 1950 Maracanã goalposts?


The shape of goalposts with square corners and the use of wood were abolished from the 1960s onwards. The new rule required cylindrical and iron posts in official fields. 


The new posts for Maracanã arrived in 1968. And, to mark the replacement, they called Barbosa and the press, who recorded the goalkeeper removing with his hands the goalpost he guarded along important moments throughout his career.


It is said that one of the posts was kept by Barbosa. Years later, he told reporters that he burned it as firewood for a barbecue!


The other went to the small town Muzambinho, in Minas Gerais’ countryside. After a while being used in the town's amateur field, it became part of the local House of Culture’s collection. This piece was donated by the institution's team to Tereza Borba in 2014.