Football Museum in the Area - Porto Alegre

The Football Museum opened in 2008 in São Paulo, and it is one of the most visited museum in the country. The initiative of the State Government and City Hall of São Paulo – with the Municipal Secretariat of Sports and Tourism of São Paulo – with design and support of Fundação Roberto Marinho.

The Football Museum has become famous for presenting football in an innovative and creative way as a cultural expression in Brazil. History and technology were united to give visitors an experience that stimulates the senses and enhances the affective memory of the Country’s most popular sport. 

The exhibition Football Museum in the Area has the purpose of making that experience accessible to bigger audiences. In five modules, we present images and narratives that show the reason why football is more than a sport: it is part of the development of our cities, our language, our attitudes and social values, and enhances our identities. 

In this itinerant project, we have the privilege to expand our collection with stories and references from each city. These acquisitions will be present in the exhibition and in the Reference Center of the Brazilian Football, area of the Football Museum responsible for the research and documentation of collections about the memories of this sport.

Visit the exhibition and be surprised with memoirs that are part of a trajectory that begins at the end of the 19th century and ends in the last World Cup.  Celebrate football and the story of every Brazilian citizen!



Supporting the access to culture is one of the missions of the Department of Culture of the State of São Paulo. In order to make this happen, we need a lot of commitment and creativity, as will be seen in the exhibition Football Museum in the Area. Although the museum is under the Pacaembu Stadium stands, in the Capital of the city, its collection can travel several miles, since the exhibition was carefully designed for this purpose. Thus, the most popular sport in Brazil hit the road in a different way: not with a team to win championships, but as part of national identity. Stories, culture, emotions, feelings, good and bad memories, all that rolls with the ball. This is the universe the Government of the State of São Paulo is proud to share with you, in your own city. 




Motorola believes that technology is a great ally for you to reconnect with yourself. And part of this reconnection is living the city where you live, your city is part of this balance. As a sponsor of the exhibition Football Museum in the Area, Motorola invites you to say hellopoa and fully enjoy what the city has to offer.

You are in the Hipólito José da Costa Communications Museum. The building, inaugurated in 1922, has an eclectic architectural style and was intended as the headquarters of the Republican newspaper A Federação. Protected as a state historical heritage site since 1977, nowadays the building houses a vast archive of newspapers, photography, and movies which narrate Rio Grande do Sul’s and Brazil’s history. The Football Museum came from São Paulo to Porto Alegre to greet the city, its residents and visitors.  Enjoy your visit to the exhibition and appreciate the experience.

Post your photos with the hashtags #hellocidades and #MuseudoFutebolnaArea to show us your cultural tour with your smartphone.

Have a nice visit!



State Governor
Márcio França

Culture Secretary 
Romildo Campello

Deputy Secretary
Patrícia Penna

Head of the Cabinet
Alessandro Soares

Coordinator of the Museological Heritage Preservation Unit
Regina Ponte



IDBrasil Cultura, Educação e Esporte – organização social de cultura

Administration Board Chairman
Carlos Luque

Executive Director
Eric Klug

Financial and Administrative Director
Vitoria Boldrin

Content Director
Daniela Alfonsi



Daniela Alfonsi e content team of the Football Museum
– based on an original idea by Leonel Kaz

Exhibition concept
T + T
Daniela Thomas e Felipe Tassara

Art direction e Visual Identity 
Jair de Souza Design 

Guest Artists 
Marcelo Duarte e Tadeu Jungle

Project Development and
Original Expographic Adaptation


Adaptation Project for the 2018 Expography
Spinazzola e Gitahy Arquitetura
Eduardo Spinazzola, Chico Gitahy e Isabella Filippo

Project Adaptation for the 2018
Visual Communication

Estúdio Baum
Rita Sepulveda de Faria, Marina Zilbersztejn e Artur Porto

General Coordination 
Marcio Guerra

App English
Adaptation and content insertion 

Aline Assis

Hamilton Fernandes | Tikinet