Corinthians 2 (5) x 2 (6) Palmeiras.
2015 Paulista Championship Semi-finals.

Corinthians Arena, 
São Paulo, April 19th, 2015
Installation by Tadeu Jungle.

Unlike most of the football vocabulary, which is an adaptation of English words, the word “torcida” (“crowd of football fans”) is originally Brazilian and has no direct equivalent in other languages. There is a story that female fans, in the early days of football in Brazil, used to wring a handkerchief in decisive moments of exciting matches. From this comes the word “torcedor” (“football fan”), derived from the direct experience of watching football games.  

The excitement of the crowd makes a football game a unique performance. To bring the atmosphere from the stands into the exhibition, we invited the artist Tadeu Jungle to create an installation in which football fans set the tone and the rhythm of the match.