9. 2011 (Germany)

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Felipe Macchiaverni


1st place: Japan; 2nd place: United States; 3rd place: Sweden 


Queen of Creativity           

Dribbling them around the world 

Held in Germany, the 2011 World Cup brought freshness to the podium, with Japan taking the title: for the first time an Asian team won. The Japanese team showed beautiful and creative football, overcoming the mighty Germany in the quarterfinals. In the final, they beat the Americans on penalties. 


The Brazilian team delighted in the group stage and played until the quarterfinals, when they lost the penalty shootout against the United States, after two exciting periods and extra time. 





Cristiane Rozeira 

A skilled player, Cristiane swept away the crowd at the matches in Brazil. Known for her dribbling and goals, the striker from Osasco (SP) started in the Brazilian national team at the age of 15, with Marta, her partner also in the fight for equity in the sport. Confirming her talent and good form, the year after the Cup she won the title of top scorer in women's football at the Olympic Games. In Rio, in 2016, she became the top Olympic scorer in history, regardless of gender, with 14 goals scored. Cristiane played in teams from different countries, such as Germany, France, United States, Russia, Korea and China. She spent a few seasons in Brazil, but suffered from little investment in the sport. Sometimes, she even played for Brazilian teams only during the recess of foreign teams — at the end of which she returned to start a new season abroad. 



Homare Sawa (JPN) 




– Stickers! Panini produced, for the first time, a Women's Cup album. The album was only circulated in Germany, but it gave a kick start to the dammed consumption potential. 



– Four Brazilian players naturalize for Equatorial Guinea and competed in the Cup under the command of Brazilian coach Marcelo Frigério. 




Team photo 

Standing, from left to right: Rosana, Érika, Renata Costa, Cristiane, Aline Pellegrino and Andreia Suntaque. Crouched: Ester, Fabiana Simões, Marta, Formiga and Maurine. 




Brazil vs USA goals video 

The match Brazil 2x2 United States had beautiful plays and exciting goals. The Americans tied the game in the last minutes of extra time and ended up winning on penalties. 



Fran and Cris Rozeira audios same tablet 

Brief by Fran (Francielle Manoel Alberto) about the moment of the anthem 

before games. Duration: 1min08s 

Francielle — emotion from the National Anthem and the relief and sense of achievement that it meant to have arrived there and to be able to do only what she loved most 





Brief by Cristiane Rozeira about the lack of investment in the  

sport. Duration: 1min17s 

Cris Rozeira — talks about our difference in relation to teams like Japan or the United States, who train for 6 or 4 years for the World Cup, while Brazil is called up 2 months before and wants them to win anyway. If not, they call the player old, they say she has to stop playing. The men's team is different, the guys play in elite championships, they earn well, they come almost ready for the national team. The feminine needs everything, even getting conditioning 





The Japanese photos 

Japanese athletes party, with Homare Sawa raising the cup. The midfielder won the awards for best player and top scorer of the edition, with five goals. The following year, she also took the title of best player in the world by FIFA.