8. 2007 (China)

Escrito em 27/04/2023
Felipe Macchiaverni


1st place: Germany; 2nd place: Brazil; 3rd place: United States 


Silver Queens 

Sleep with that noise: the game is beautiful, yes! 

The World Cup returned to China with an edition marked by the large number of goals. It was the first time that a selection won with a double-digit score in a World Cup or Olympic Games, recorded in the debut duel between Germany 11-0 in Argentina. Brazil also secured its mark, overthrowing a host team with the biggest score in history: 4x0 against China. 


The Brazilian campaign drew attention not only for the abundance of goals, but also for the quality and beauty of the moves. The disconcerting dribbles made the crowd scream, as in Marta's unforgettable goal in the semifinal against the United States, which ended the Brazilian victory by 4-0 against a team undefeated for 51 games. The selection did not win the final against Germany, but it achieved its best placement in the tournament to date – and put on a show. 




The struggle of the Brazilian athletes for more investment in the modality won the spotlight in the final. Carrying a banner with the words “Brazil, we need support!”, improvised with a hotel pillowcase, the team took a stand with a direct message. The cost of the initiative was high for some players and raised the tone of clashes between the women's team, the press and the CBF. 





1) Brazil was runner-up 

2) Marta took the Golden Ball and Shoe  

3) Cristiane Rozeira won the Bronze Ball 






Upon seeing Marta Vieira play for youth, the player Sissi immediately nailed it: she is special. Dubbed by the press and fans as “Queen Marta”, the Alagoan from Dois Riachos is always compared to another king, Pelé, because of her feats on the field and her rare technical quality, with a complete profile. She arrived early in the Brazilian national team and, in her first World Cup, in 2003, scored three goals. In the 2007 World Cup — already with the title of best player in the world under her belt (Golden Ball award), won the previous year — the striker definitely stood out, winning the Golden Shoe and the second Golden Ball. Its trajectory of unprecedented titles, awards and milestones was just beginning. In 2015, she became the top scorer in the history of the Brazilian teams in World Cups, surpassing Pelé, with 17 goals scored. She has won the Golden Ball six times. But she wants more: equity for athletes in the modality, an agenda that has entered hard in her public manifestations in recent years. Her legacy is also one of struggle. 








Abby Wambach (USA) 

Abby Wambach (pivoting photo) 

Abby Wambach, one of the greatest American scorers in history, during her performance at the 2007 World Cup. She was awarded the Best Player by FIFA in 2012. 





Bagé Audio 

Brief by Bagé (Daiane Menezes Rodrigues) about the protest at the World Cup final. Duration: 2min47s 

Bagé — tells the story of how the banner appeared in the final, asking for more conditions, and how she was stigmatized and was no longer called up for the selection 




Grazi audio 

Brief by Grazi (Grazielle Pinheiro Nascimento) about her 

participation in World Cups and the conquest of Silver. Duration: 2min15s 

Grazi — Generic speech about the happiness of having been in three World Cups and how Brazil does not value the runner-up 





  1. Team photo 

Standing, from left to right: Daniela Alves, Cristiane, Renata Costa, Tânia Maranhão, Aline Pellegrino and Andreia Suntaque. Crouched: Ester, Simone Jatobá, Marta, Formiga and Maycon.